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Generate a password hash for WordPress 5 and up. Free online WordPress password hashing tool.

About WordPress Password Hasher

What is a Password Hashing?

WordPress uses a certain kind of password hashing to ensure the security of data that is on the database. In this method, the phpass framework is used to form a WordPress Password Hasher algorithm that protects your information. In its older versions, WordPress used the MD5 hasher but it has been changed to Portable PHP hashing framework now.

Thus, if you have a WordPress website, WordPress password hashing is important for you. Most of the time, people are using the same password for their social media accounts.

So, if a hacker finds out one password, they will be able to access many of your accounts. It is important to keep your information safe from hackers as identity theft is very common these days. Also, you would not want someone to take over your successful website or blog.

If you want to change the password on your website, you will have to enter the hashed password. For this, you can make use of WordPress Password Hasher online to make your job easier.

How Does WordPress Password Hasher Work?

WordPress Password Hasher uses a system that converts your normal password to hashed form. Using this WordPress Password hashing method, you will be able to create a password that is compatible with any version of WordPress, making it possible for you to change the password from the command line.

Why Use WordPress Password Hasher?

 Many users prefer to use this WordPress hashed password generator because it is trustworthy. When you type in your plain password, it does not get stored in the tool’s database since the hashing is done in real-time.

This guarantees that your passwords will be secure and no hacker will be able to get hold of them while you are hashing.

Also, there is no third-party access. So, you can easily use this tool without worrying about the security of your information. Moreover, the tool is free to use and you do not have to download it to your computer to use it.

Who is This Tool For?

This tool is for people who are using a WordPress website. If you want to change your password, you would have to enter the previous password in hashed form.

How to Use WordPress Password Hasher?

It is very simple to use this password generator and it takes only a few seconds to generate a password for your account. On the home page of this tool, you will see a search box in front of which is an option to ‘make hash’.

  • First of all, write your current password in plain text.
  • Click on ‘Make Hash’.
  • In a few seconds, the password will be on your screen in a hashed form.

For example, if your password is MerryChristmas, just type it in the search box. When you make a hash of it, the password will be written as:


You can do this with any password. Even if you have numbers in your password, they will be converted to hashed form. Therefore, it takes a minute or two to get your password in WordPress hash format.

How To Create a Root Password For PHPMyAdmin

You, Will, need to follow three steps to create a password for PHPMyAdmin

  1. To Make Password in the MySQL: mysqladmin -u root password 'your_password'

  2. Then set the same password to the user root in users  using phpMyAdmin.

  3. Use config.inc.php to set your new password.

Note: Don't change anything else in this file.

Main Types of Hashing

Type Hashed Value Encoding Bit
MD5 61f6ace53c6beabb9e7e8e239e08e416 128-bit
SHA-2 4ecad485cdb927bf580c9c7ebf21e1b232dd6017dd7af122d320df0a 224, 256, 384 or 512 bits
CRC32 51d5b89 n bits


We hope that this explains everything about our WordPress Password Hasher, its features, and how it works to benefit your WordPress experience. Do leave us your feedback and keep visiting our website to use more amazing and free Digital Marketing tools!

Please note that we don't store your plain text password and it is hashed in realtime. So if you have doubts regarding the security of your passwords, be assured that nor we are storing your passwords somewhere nor any third party has access to it due to the encrypted connection. So feel free to hash your WordPress passwords using our hashing tool on the go. If you are looking for a strong password generator, you can check our online password generator here.

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