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Free online tool to check website speed. Get speed score and usability score for your website.

About Website Speed Test

According to statistics, people stay on a website for 10 to 20 seconds before they get off it. If you want to capture a visitor’s attention, your website needs to be so attractive that it grabs their attention in those 10 to 20 seconds. For this, it is also important your website loads fast enough.

If your website takes too long to load, it is very likely that the visitors will leave very soon. We are living in a very fast-paced time. People are very impatient and they want to see quick results. This is why your website must be speedy.

What is The Website Speed Test?

Website Speed Test Google lets you see the speed of your website. Back in the day, just having a speedy desktop website was okay but it does not suffice today. Most people search the web using their mobile phones so your website must be speedy on mobile phones too. Website Speed Test mobile lets you see the speed score of your website for phones.

If you are trying to improve the performance of your website, Website Speed Test tools are your friends. No matter how nicely laid the whole website is or how carefully curated your content is, if it is not going load in due time, who would look at all of it?

Why is The Website Speed Test Important?

Website Speed Test online is important as it lets you see an important aspect of your website. As a beginner, you would not have hired an SEO expert due to budget constraints. In this situation, the Website Speed Test global tool is great for you as it helps you evaluate your website’s speed very quickly. It will, of course, not give you an in-depth analysis but you will get enough information.

Secondly, when you make SEO or any other improvements in your website such as optimizing CSS, you need to see if these changes have any effect on the website’s performance or not. Website Speed Test comparison lets you see if your website has become speedy after the improvements or not.

How To Use The Website Speed Test?

Using this tool, you can find out two metrics of your website i.e. usability score and speed score. You can check these for your desktop site and mobile site, both. For example, we will check the score for

Mobile Site

  • To check for the mobile site, type the URL in the search bar.
  • Select Mobile from the next box.
  • Click on Check Speed.
  • Wait for a few seconds.

The results show that the website has a usability score of 98 and a speed score of 57.

Desktop Site

  • To check for the desktop site, type the URL in the search bar.
  • Select Desktop and Click on check speed.

The results show that the speed score of the website is 77. This shows that the website is much faster on desktop than it is on the phone.

Similarly, you can use the Website speed test online for your website. This will give you insight on which things you need to change or upgrade on your site.


This concludes our article about the Website Speed Test tool, its features, and how the users can use it. For more interesting Domchimp Digital Marketing tools, keep visiting our website.

These two metrics are available and the tool allows you to perform a check and quickly find out how the website is performing. To get complete and detailed insights, please use Google Pagespeed Insights Tool directly.

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