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SSL Checker - Check Either Website Has SSL or Not

Use SSL Checker to see either a website has a valid SSL certificate or not.

About SSL Checker

Everyone wants to be safe on the Internet whether it is for browsing or for making payments. SSL provides this security. By creating an encrypted connection, it helps in making a trustworthy environment where your potential consumers can make payments for the products they buy. When you start your online business, you must have the website SSL-encrypted so that the buyers can feel confident in paying online through your website.

An SSL certificate has a subject which is the identification of the website owner. Also, these certificates come with a private and public key. These keys create an encrypted connection. If you want SSL for your website, you will have to get a Certificate Signing Request on the server you are using.

After this, you will get the private key. Then, you have to send this data to the SSL Certificate Issuer and that will give you the public key. Installing SSL on your server will increase the credibility of your website among the users.

What is SSL Checker?

SSL Checker Online is a tool that you can use to check if a website is SSL-encrypted or not. Every website on Google must have an SSL certificate, as indicated by the Google guidelines. You should be able to check if the website that you are on has an SSL certificate or not. You can check it using the SSL Checker with a port.

What Will SSL Checker Tells You?

SSL Checker tells you a few things about that website. First of all, it tells you if the website has an SSL certificate or not. Then, it tells you the issue name of the certificate. Lastly, it tells you about the expiry date. Maybe, the website does have a certificate but it is expired. So, you will not be safe on this website.

SSL Checker tls will tell you if a website is safe or not. So, if you are going to shop from a website and enter your credit card details, you should check its SSL certification. A website that is not certified might not be safe for shopping and your information could be tracked by hackers on the Internet. You can also use the tool to check the certification and expiry date for your own website.

How To Use SSL Checker?

To use the SSL checker API, you only need the web page’s URL. On the tool’s home page, there is a search bar where you can type the URL and then click on ‘Check Status’. For example, we can check the SSL certification of using this tool.

The results for this URL show us that the website is SSL certified. The issuer is Go Daddy Secure Certificate Authority and the expiry date is Feb21, 2020. The results also show you the algorithm.

For your next online shopping spree, you should use an SSL checker to make sure that the e-commerce websites you are shopping from are safe or not.


This concludes our article about the SSL Checker tool, its features, and how the users can use it. For more interesting Domchimp Digital Marketing tools, keep visiting our website.

In addition to the SSL checker, you can use our more tools like Domain Expiry Checker too in order to determine the health of your websites.

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