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Server Port Checker - Check Ports or Open or Close Online

Check certain ports are open or close on your server. Free online server port status checker.

About Server Port Checker

When you connect to the Internet, there are a lot of things involved such as the HTTP, IP address and ports. In any network, the port is the endpoint of communication. All connections, whether wireless or physical end at ports. Ports are designated by 16-bit numbers that are called port numbers.

Protocols like TCP and UDP use port numbers. Every port number is associated with an IP address. It completes a network and is used for identifying the server.

What is Server Port Checker For?

Server Port Checker online helps you in checking different ports on your network. Using the Server Port Checker tool, you can check the IP address of the server and check the ports on your connection. Also, it helps you see if the port is being forwarded or if there is a firewall that is stopping the forwarding.

You can also use the server port scan to check which ports are being forwarded most commonly. Some of the ports in your connection might be blocked by your Internet service provider. For example, port 25 is blocked by ISPs. They do so to ensure that no malicious activity takes place using the connection.

Who Can Use The Server Port Scanner?

As a website owner, you can check the ports on your network connection. Even if you do not have a website, you can check the ports on your home connection to see which one of them is being forwarded and which ones are blocked by your ISP or a firewall.

Features of Port Checker

The Server Port scanner online is free of charge. Another distinctive feature of this tool is that you do not need to install and extension, plugin or software. Just go to the online tool whenever you need to check the status of any port on your connection.

To check the status of any port, you will need the hostname and the port number. There are some common port numbers that you can check:

123: Network Time Protocol, which is one of the oldest protocols that are still being used today.

20: File Transfer Protocol

22: Secure Shell or Secure Login which is a protocol used to operate processes securely on an unsecured network

Other than these, there are some other common ports such as port 161 which is Simple Network Management Protocol and 194 which is Internet Relay Chat. Port 80 is the HTTP port and it is mostly checked.

How To Use Server Port Checker?

To check the status of any port, you have to write the hostname and then the port number. For example, if you want to check the HTTP port for, you will choose port number 80.

After writing the hostname in the first box, select 80 in the next box and click on Check Port. The results show that the port is open.

If a port is closed or blocked, the tool will tell you that too. So, you can check the status of any port in a matter of seconds using the Server Port Checker online.


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