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Generate a strong password online for free. It is 100% random, secure and generated at client side.

About Password Generator

To stay secure on the Internet, you need to keep passwords for everything from your email account to social media accounts. Similarly, you will need to keep strong passwords for your websites too. If the password strength is weak, you are at a greater chance of being hacked.

It has been seen that most people keep simple passwords as they are easy to remember. However, easier passwords are also easy to track or hack.

Why You Need a Password Generator?

You need a Password generator app or tool to create a password that is not so easy to crack. If you keep a password on your own, you would end up keeping your pet’s name or an easy date to remember.

Most websites ask you to have symbols and numbers in your password too. A password generator helps you create a strong password, with symbols.

Features of Password Generator

Password generator words are not so easy to find out. This is why you can use it even for your WordPress website. However, that is not the only feature of this tool.

  • Length:

You can choose a Password generator of your desired length. This tool allows you to create a password of up to 500 characters, which is more than enough.

  • Symbols:

When you are setting a password for some websites, they require you to add symbols. Symbol usage increases the strength of the password. Just like Password generator Norton, this tool also lets you add as many symbols as you want in your password. 

  • Security:

The passwords that you generate from this tool cannot be accessed using any tool since the tool uses JavaScript. As a result of that, your passwords are safe on the browser and no one will be able to track them down.

How To Use a Password Generator?

Whether you are using a Password generator for kids’ social media accounts or for your own website, the process is quite simple and quick. The generated password will consist of a combination of words and symbols.

  • Firstly, select the length of the password in the first box.
  • In the second box, select Symbols or No symbols.
  • Click on Generate Password.

The tool will generate a completely random and 100% secure password for you.

With Symbols

There is a password length limit on most websites so your password must always be seven characters or above. For example, you want to create a 9-word password with symbols.

Select 9 from the first box and then select Symbols. When we click on Generate Password, the result is:

  • &pPB4+y%M

If you search again, you will get a new password every single time so you can generate as many passwords as you like.

Without Symbols

Now, if you want to generate a password without symbols, just select No symbols and click on Generate Password. Our result was:

  • q5A097uIX

So, you can use this Password Generator to generate unique passwords for your WordPress website or online banking. Since these passwords are not sense-making words, they are very hard to crack.


We hope that this explains everything about our Password Generator Tool, its features, and how it works to benefit your WordPress experience. Do leave us your feedback and keep visiting our website to use more amazing and free Digital Marketing tools!

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