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Check keywords volume, CPC, ads competition and related queries for a given keyword.

About Keyword Explorer

Every website owner knows how important keywords are. If you are not going to use the right keywords on your website, the potential audience will not be able to find you. So, what is the point of you on the Internet?

This is why it is important that you find the best long-tail and short-tail keywords for your particular niche and then use them in your content.

What is Keyword Explorer?

Keyword Explorer is a tool that you can use to check the status of the keyword you are going to use in your content. There are different features of any keyword such as the CPC, search volume and competition in the niche.

This is a Keyword Explorer free tool that lets you plan out the keywords for your website. It tells you about the following features:

  • Keyword Volume
  • Cost per Click
  • Keyword Competition
  • Relevant Search Queries

Using the Keyword Explorer SEP tool, you can get valuable data to promote your content. If you have the right keywords on your content, you will get more traffic.

Keyword Volume

Keyword search volume refers to the metric that lets you see the popularity of that particular keyword. It will let you see how many times a keyword has been searched in a particular amount of time. Then, you can use that particular keyword in your content and it will increase the chances of your website popping up as more people are searching for that keyword.

Sometimes, the keyword volume also depends on the season. For example, if you have an e-commerce website, the keywords close to the holiday season will be different from the other times of the years.

You can use the Keyword Explorer google tool to check the keywords at different times of the years. If no one is searching for the keywords that you are using, then you will not get any traffic. So, checking the keyword before using it is advised.

Keyword CPC

The Keyword Explorer Seo also lets you see how much a keyword costs. Some keywords are more expensive than others.  When you want to promote them using Google Ads, you will have to spend more money. Please remember that higher CPC keywords tend to cost you more when you are going to promote it via Google Ads or let you earn more when you are an AdSense publisher.

Similarly, you will be earning more if you publish Adsense. Different factors contribute to the cost per click of any keyword. These include the bids that have been placed for that keyword, the rank of other people that are bidding for that keyword and your Quality Score.

The cost per click will also depend on the kind of niche you are working in, the network on which you are advertising and the competition you have. In bigger industries such as finance, software, and equipment, the cost per click is expensive as compared to less competitive industries.

Using this Keyword Explorer tool, you can check the CPC for your keyword and the keyword that your competitor is using. This will give you an idea of how well your keyword is doing as compared to the competitors’.

Keyword Competition

The keyword competition depends on how many people are using that keyword on their website. If a keyword has a higher competition, it will require more money for being advertised. Higher the CPC, the higher will be the competition.

So, if you check one thing, you will be able to figure out the other. By using the Keyword Explorer chrome extension, you will be able to see how competitive your desired keyword is.

Relevant Search Queries

This data lets you see the keywords that are relevant or closely associated with your keyword of choice. This information comes from Google Trends in Google searches made by people who are searching in the same niche. When you use the Keyword Explorer 3.0 tool, you can find out other keywords that you can use in your content. There will be a lot of suggestions for you.

Why Use Keyword Explorer?

There are plenty of Keyword explorer tools that you can use. If you own a website, you will surely have to use a Keyword Explorer such as Keyword Explorer Moz or any other. There are many reasons for this:

  • Metrics:

A keyword explorer tool will show you different metrics for your keywords such as the search queries, CPC and will let you see the overall competition.

  • Saves Time:

A Keyword Explorer online saves so much time for you. Instead of manually having to check all your competitor sites and look for a common keyword, you can simply put your niche in the keyword explorer search box and get results.

  • Suggestions:

A keyword explorer also suggests more keywords that you can use. For example, if you are searching for a keyword in the ‘health’ niche and you type one keyword in the tool, you will get a lot of relevant keywords.

How To Use Keyword Explorer?

To use the Keyword Explorer, you just need the keyword that you are searching about. For example, if you want to get the metrics about ‘type 2 diabetes’, you have to type the word in the search bar and click on Get Data. This will take some time as the tool is collecting information from all over the Internet.

For this keyword, you will see all the results. The keyword volume is 116,019 while the competition is 33.37. Along with this information, you will see other related keywords. The top three relevant search queries are diabetes type 2, type 2 diabetes symptoms and type 1 vs. type 2 diabetes. So, you can also use these keywords in your content as they are secondarily competitive to your main keyword.

Once you start building your SEO strategy around keywords, you will see a lot of improvement in the performance of your website. You can also use the tool to check the keywords your competitors are using and find out which ones are the most beneficial in terms of traffic generation.

Then, you can use the same or similar keywords on your website too. Therefore, Keyword Explorer is an essential tool for anyone wanting to improve traffic influx.


This concludes our article about the Keyword Everywhere tool, its features, and how the users can use it. For more interesting Domchimp Digital Marketing tools, keep visiting our website.

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