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Check either a website's server is HTTP2-ready or not. Check HTTP2 support online.

About HTTP2 Support Checker

When you dive into the world of Internet presence, you will find a lot of complicated words and concepts. However, as you improve your website, you learn about all these new things. HTTP2 is a popular topic even these days and many website owners are still deciding if they should make the switch.

Hypertext Transfer Protocol is an internet protocol that is used all around the world. In 2015, the IETF released HTTP2 which is the second biggest version of the internal protocol HTTP. In many ways, this brought improvements in terms of speed, compatibility, and performance.

It is compatible with HTTP 1.1 and its status codes. The page loading time of websites also decreases with this protocol as there is a binary protocol and a server push by HTTP2.

Using this protocol, one TCP connection can be used for multiplexing. This is the best feature of HTTP2 as the protocol can send multiple data requests over one TCP connection.

What is The HTTP2 Support Checker?

HTTP2 Support Checker is a tool that allows you to see if your website is ready for this switch. Just because this protocol has been released, it does not mean that it is available for all the websites on the Internet.

You need to check if your website is ready for it. For the http2 support check, you just have to type in the URL and then Check Status. This will show you if your website can get HTTP2 or not.

What if Your Website is Not HTTP2-Ready?

This comes down to your hosting provider. If your website is not HTTP2-ready, you should request your host server to make it available for your website. Sometimes, when you use cheap hosting services, you cannot get such updated features.

So, you should consider switching to another hosting provider. It might be expensive but it will also be much better.

Benefits of HTTP2

There are multiple benefits of HTTP2 for your website. Firstly, the speed will increase. When the pages will load quickly, the visitors will tend to stay.

Also, HTTP2 supports prioritization which means that requests are kept on different levels and the server can use these levels for delivering the highest priority resources much faster.

How To Use HTTP2 Support Checker?

The support HTTP2 checker is for those people who want to bring improvement to their websites. To use this tool, you just have to type your website URL. Even if you are checking for another website, you can type in their URL.

For example, if we want to check whether is HTTP2-ready or not, we will type the URL i.e. in the search bar and then Check Status. According to the results, the website is ready for HTTP.

Similarly, you can use this simple tool to find HTTP compatibility for your website. If your website is ready, then, by all means, you should make the switch. If not, then you should get in touch with the hosting server or get a better host for your website.


This was everything that you needed to know about our HTTP2 Support Checker tool. If you found the blog and tool helpful, do let us know and share the tool with your online marketing fellows. For more interesting Digital Marketing visit the homepage of our site.

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