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About Domain Expiry Checker

Domains are the addresses for your blog or website. It is your recognition on the Internet which means that it allows people to find your page on the web. If your website does not have a domain name, it will not be found.

When you buy a domain, it does not make you the owner of that domain forever. You have to renew your registration from time to time. After some time of purchase, there comes a time when you need to renew the domain if you want to keep it.

In some cases, people choose an auto-renewing option so that they do not have to worry about renewing on their own. On the other hand, some people manually renew their domain because they might not want to keep the domain forever.

What Happens When a Domain Expires?

If your domain has expired, you will still a grace period for renewal. This differs from domain reseller to reseller. You will have over a month to renew your domain. If you do not renew your domain at this time and the redemption grace period also passes, the domain will expire. As a result of that, different things can happen.

The domain will be back in the market for someone else to purchase. If someone has already placed an order on your domain, they will immediately be notified when your domain is available for purchase. If there is no one out there who has placed a backorder, your domain might be auctioned off and the highest bidder would get it.

Lastly, if no one is buying your domain in the auction, the reseller will give it at a low price called the closeout price. Even after all of this, if the domain is not taken by anyone, it will go back to the registry and someone will be able to buy it again.

What is Domain Expiry Checker?

Domain Expiry Checker tool allows you to check the expiry date of your domain. Using this tool, you can check how long before your domain expires. This will ensure that your domain is not taken from you or that you do not have to pay any fee for the grace period.

You can perform Domain Expiry Check online using the available tool. For checking, you need the domain name and then Check Expiry. This tool lets you check the domain expiry of any domain.

How To Use Domain Expiry Checker?

To check the domain expiry date of any domain, type that domain name in the search bar and click on Check Expiry. For example, if you want to check the expiry of a domain such as, you can type the name of this domain in the search bar. The results show that expiry is:

November 25, 2021 (1 year from now)

Using the same method, you can check the expiry of any domain name. So, before your domain ends up getting in the grace period, you can determine if your domain is expiring any time soon.


We hope that this explains everything about our Domain Expiry Checker Tool, its features, and how it works to benefit your WordPress experience. Do leave us your feedback and keep visiting our website to use more amazing and free Digital Marketing tools!

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