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Domain availability checker to check either domain is registered or not.

About Domain Availability Checker

If you are planning to make a new website or establish a business online, you will need a domain name for it. Often, the domain that you want might not be available. So, you have to look for the availability of a domain.

There is a Domain Availability Checker Wordpress plugin that lets you check if a domain name is available or not. However, if you do not have the plugin, you can use a tool that does the same for you.

Why do you need a domain name?

Of course, you will need a domain name to be present on the Internet. However, having a domain name adds credibility to your website or blog. For example, having a website on Wordpress or Blogspot is not as effective or credible as having a .com or .net website.

This is why it is important that you buy a domain name for your website. Also, a domain name lets you be mobile on the Internet. It will help in building your brand.

If you have the right domain name for your business, it will attract traffic and bring audience to the page. For example, if you have an online bookstore and your domain name is, it will bring a lot of traffic to the website.

On the other hand, if your bookstore name is The Mini Library and you have a domain name,, it will not exactly be as effective at bringing traffic to the site.

What is Domain Availability Checker?

Domain Availability Checker tool allows you to check for the availability of a domain so that you can determine if you can register for it or not. Using this Domain Availability Checker API, you can search for individual domains and buy them if they are available.

How Does Domain Availability Checker Work?

Domain Availability Checker works by searching for your desired domain on the Internet. If no one is using it already, the tool will let you know. On the tool’s page, there is a search bar that asks you to Enter a domain. In front of it, there is an option to Check status.

When you type the name of your desired domain, the tool will tell you if it is available or not. This tool is free and you can check as many domains as you want. A minor drawback is that it does not allow you to check domain names in bulk.

How To Use Domain Availability Checker?

For example, if you want to check the availability of the domain name,, you can type it in the search bar and then click on Check Status.

The search results show that there is no website with such a domain name. Similarly, you can check the availability of any domain that you might want for your website. If your desired domain is not available, you can tweak the name a little and customize it for your business. The results from this domain search checker are quite accurate.


We hope that this explains everything about our Domain Availability Checker Tool, its features, and how it works to benefit your WordPress experience. Do leave us your feedback and keep visiting our website to use more amazing and free Digital Marketing tools!

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