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About AdSense Calculator

Google is visited millions of times every day. If you have a blog or website on Google, of course, you would want to earn money for it. Even if it is not an eCommerce site, you can still make money off it if Google has indexed it. If your website is popular and has many visits, brands and companies would want to advertise on it.

What is AdSense?

Google started AdSense in 2003 and it started getting profit from advertisements. If website owners have added HTML on the website, advertisements can be out on the website. These ads must be in accordance with the website and should be able to target traffic.

Website owners can earn money through Google AdSense. Google would look through the website content and find suitable ads for the database. This works in favor of website owners and visitors, both. Visitors get to see ads of their interest while website owners generate cash through clicks.

For example, if you have a gardening blog, the ads on your website would be of online gardening supplies shop or gardening handbooks. Of course, after reading about gardening, the visitor would like to buy the supplies.

Every web page has different advertisements, based on their content. The ads are not only placed on the home page but also on other pages of the website.

What is AdSense Calculator?

AdSense Calculator online is a tool for calculating different metrics related to AdSense. These will give you a better idea of how well your website is performing. the AdSense Calculator website looks at the following metrics to give you a final number of how much your website earns daily.

  • Page Impression: This is a measure of how many people came to your website on that particular day. If you check just one day, it might be a good day or a bad day for your website. So, you should rather check the page impression for a quarter or half a year so that the low and high peaks can be leveled in average page impressions.
  • Cost Per Click: This tool also tells you how much revenue is generated by one click. To do this, you need two figures: the total revenue for a day and the total number of clicks in a day. Just divide them both and you would find the rate for every click.
  • Click-Through Rates: Every website owner wants to increase the click-through rates because it refers to clicks per 100 impressions on your ad.
  • Cost Per Acquisition: This cost is calculated by dividing the number of clicks or impressions by the cost. Using all of these statistics from a website over a decade, AdSense Calculator calculates the average earnings per day.

Why use Google AdSense Calculator?

The AdSense revenue calculator helps you in calculating the revenue that your website has generated in a certain span of time. There are many cases in which you would find this tool to be of great help to your website’s popularity and income generator.

  • Learn About Revenue: First of all, you will learn about your revenue. Looking at the results you get from the AdSense income calculator, you can decide how much you want to boost your revenue to get to the goal that you have set for a daily or monthly amount. For example, if you want to earn $10 a day, you should place the ads accordingly.
  • Advertiser’s Rates: Using this tool, you can also learn about pay per click. This would allow you to see how much an advertiser is paying for every click in their niche. Depending on the keywords, some ads pay more than others. For example, an ad for health or online course would earn more as compared to an ad for a food website. On the basis of this, you can decide where and how many ads you want on your website.
  • Ad-Blocking: You can also figure out how many people might be using a tool for ad-blocking. Furthermore, you will be able to see how many pages a visitor would visit on your website.
  • Visitor Response: When you target a specific audience, you have to monitor their response too as this would help you in making changes in your content or SEO strategy. Using AdSense Calculator, you can determine how likely it is for your visitors to click on a certain ad. Similarly, you can also calculate how many views you need to get to your goal income. If you are getting more money from one ad as the keyword is strong, you will need fewer visitors. However, if the ads on your website do not pay much, you will need more visitors.

How To Use AdSense Calculator?

Using AdSense Calculator is pretty simple. Also, it is absolutely free. There is no hassle of installing a program as you can check your website’s different AdSense aspects online. First of all, you have to choose a prominent traffic location. You can select ‘distributed all over the world’ if your traffic comes from all parts of the world or you can select one of the following:

  • Developed countries: These include the USA, Germany, UK, Canada, etc.
  • Developing countries: These include India, Pakistan, Iran, etc.
  • Undeveloped countries: These include Angola, Afghanistan, etc.

Then, you have to enter the number of average daily page reviews. Click on Calculate. You will see your estimated earnings for the day in US dollars.

For example, if your website has traffic from all over the world and your average daily page reviews are 1000, your daily earning is $1.76.

What Impacts The AdSense Calculator?

While AdSense Calculator might help you in estimating your daily earnings, it is not completely accurate. The figures can change depending on your niche and the origin of the traffic. The earnings also depend on your content and the kind of ads you have on your website.

However, you can still use AdSense Calculator YouTube tutorials to learn more about the tool and implement this knowledge when your website is about to get Google AdSense or has already gotten approved for it.


We hope that this explains everything about our Adsense Calculator Tool, its features, and how it works to benefit your WordPress experience. Do leave us your feedback and keep visiting our website to use more amazing and free Digital Marketing tools!

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