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About Domain Hosting Checker - Find out who is hosting any website

Just like you would rent or buy a house, you have to get a place for your website on the Internet from an organization. These organizations are called hosting servers as they act as web hosts for your website. They will provide you with all the technical assistance to showcase your page on the web and in return, you have to pay an annual or monthly fee.

A web host will allow you to have online storage and a domain name that the audience can use to search for your website. If you have your own domain, you can host through any company but if you do not have a domain, your web host will help you in buying one.

Features of Hosting Provider

When you choose a hosting provider, you should be expected to get a lot of features from them such as an email account. This will have your website name on it. Other than that, you will get WordPress support for your website. This is a great tool to have since you can add various themes, plugins and much more.

What is Hosting Provider Lookup?

Hosting Provider Lookup is a tool that you can use for hosting company lookups. If you want to check which hosting company a website is using, you can find it through this tool. By using hosting service lookup, you can find out which hosting services provide fast service.

Suppose, you visit a website and it is loading very fast. It means that the website has good hosting. You would want the same hosting for your own website too. In this scenario, you can use a web hosting service provider lookup to find this particular web host.

Why Do You Need Hosting Provider Lookup?

As a website owner, you need this tool for different reasons. First of all, you can use it for improving your own website. If your website is not as fast or you are not getting good features from your web host, you can find a website you like and look for its web host.

Also, if you are planning on setting up a website for your business, you should search the web hosts of big eCommerce websites so that you can get hosting from the same services to ensure the best connection for your website. With domain hosting provider lookup, this becomes very simple.

How To Use Hosting Provider Lookup?

You just have to type the name of the domain and click on ‘Check’ to find the host of that website. For example, if you type the domain name ‘’ and check the results, you will get two pieces of information.

  • The website's host is Linode.
  • The IP address of the website is

This tool will not be able to detect the host for websites that are protected by Cloudflare. A future update will make these options available too. Till then, you can find out the host for any website of your choice for absolutely free and in just seconds.


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