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Backlinks are very important for a website as they help in bringing the traffic. There are millions of websites on the Internet and the audience must be able to find them. Google finds your website using backlinks. Think of it as a map or interconnected web. One point leads to another. Similarly, backlinks take you from one website to another.

If your website has backlinks, you will be found much easier. Google uses them as a navigation tool so more backlinks mean that your website’s ranks will improve faster and you will have faster indexing.

Why Are Backlinks Needed?

Backlinks are important because they build a reputation for your website on the web. For example, if the website only has four backlinks while another one has two hundred, you will surely be able to trust the second one more.

Of course, backlinks of reputed websites are much better than backlinks from websites that are not as popular or influential. With more backlinks, your credibility on the net would be much better too. Your audience will be able to trust your content and service.

What is Backlinks Checker?

Backlinks Checker free is a tool that is used to check the number of backlinks leading to a domain. This tool is free of cost. You can use it online, without downloading anything. On the tool’s page, there is a search bar to type the domain name.

Whichever domain you type here, the backlinks of this domain will appear in the results, along with a lot of other information.

How To Use The Backlinks Checker?

You can use the Backlinks Checker free online an unlimited number of times. In the Backlinks Checker online search bar, write the name of the domain you want to check backlinks of. Then, click on Check Backlinks. The results will show the number of backlinks to the website.

For example, if you want to check the backlinks for, type the domain name in the search bar and click Check Backlinks. Backlinks Checker Moz uses this database to give you the results.

The results will show the total number of backlinks. For Healthline, there are 2000 backlinks from 343 unique domains. You will also see the websites that have back linked to Healthline. Here, you can also see the trust flow and citation flow.

Why Use Backlinks Checker Online?

Backlinks Checker google tool is not only to check the backlinks of your own website. You can also use it to check any other domain so that you can figure out the authenticity of the information on that web page. For example, if you have taken scientific information from any website, you must be able to prove its authenticity.

If a website has more backlinks, it is likely that the information is correct. Similarly, you can check for your own website too. You might need to work on increasing backlinks on your page so that more traffic can come to your website. Backlinks Checker free tool aids you in analyzing how well your website is doing.


This concludes our detailed article about the Backlinks Checker Tool that would bring great SEO benefits to your table. So, if you are into this business don’t forget to check the tool and keep visiting our site for more interesting Digital Marketing Tools.